Espresso Lovers


Espresso Lovers includes:

  • 2 bags of FTL

  • Espresso cups & saucers

  • Homemade Sugared Shortbread

This package is for the espresso-lover in your life. It contains two bags of Faster Than Light espresso beans, two espresso cups and saucers, and our homemade Sugared Shortbread.

Faster Than Light is a fantastic blend for espresso, with sweet, caramel notes and lovely brightness to balance it out. Please let us know in the comments if you’d like it ground for an espresso machine (or other brew method).

The cups and saucers are solid white ceramic, made by Not Neutral. The cups do not have handles. These are the same cups you’ll find in our cafes.

Our homemade Sugared Shortbread come four to a pack. They are delicious and contain butter, flour, and sugar.

Gift wrap included. Festive orange and blue tissue and ribbons in a brown paper bag for pick-up; festive orange tissue and blue shred in a white shipping box for shipments.



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