La Virgen, Las Nubes, Nicaragua

Pear, Cinnamon, Molasses

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Founded by Claudia Vanessa Rivera and her husband, La Virgen farm has been growing sustainable and high quality coffee on their farm since 2012. The farm is located in the community of Jinotega in Northern Nicaragua at an average altitude of 1,270 meters. On their 40 hectares, they farm the Caturra and Catuai varieties in this coffee as well as new experiments with some lesser known varietals like Maragogype and Gesha. This coffee in particular feels warm and fuzzy to us; hints of pear and warming spices make this coffee perfect on a cold morning. What initially begins as notes of dark chocolate mellow out as this coffee cools into creamy toffee.

Washed | 1270 meters | Patio Drying | Catuai, Caturra



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