Brew Guide


On-the-go brewing!


  • Brew Time

    2 mins

  • Ratio

    17g coffee: 260g water

  • Requirements

    Aeropress with filters
    Ground coffee

  • Recipe

    There are many ways to brew a great cup on an AeroPress. Check out our preferred method and tips below!

  1. Preheat Aeropress with paper filter and weigh out 17 grams of coffee*
  2. Discard rinse water
  3. Grind coffee to a fine-medium and place into brewer
  4. Place press upside down on scale and tare the scale
  5. Slowly pour all 260 grams of water in, gently place the plunger on top and wait for 55 secs
  6. After 55 secs, flip over and slow press for 20 secs – stop pressing as you hear air

*If you wanted to use volume, it would be about 3 tablespoons of coffee, then fill with water to just above the 4.