Both of our cafes have indoor seating, restrooms, free wifi, and are dog friendly.

Downtown Burlington Cafe

Our cafe downtown opened in October of 2019. It’s located at 47 Maple Street, a beautiful 100+ year old building, and home to the Karma Bird House, a community of businesses, creatives, and solopreneurs.

South Burlington Roaster & Cafe

Where it all started! We opened our cafe and roaster in 2018 at Tech Park, home of the Whales Tails. If you’re lucky, you just might catch Johnny roasting!

Directions: Park by Planet Fitness, enter the door signed for NBC5/Kestrel. If you find yourself in the Ben & Jerry’s parking lot, you’re on the wrong side of the building; turn left out of the lot and continue around Community Drive until you see Planet Fitness/NBC5.