Brew Guide

Cold Brew

The longer the better!


  • Brew Time


  • Ratio

    1lb coffee: 12 cups water (3 quarts)

  • Requirements

    Coarse ground coffee
    Large vessel
    Strainer with cheesecloth/filters or a coffee sock or similar

  • Recipe

    We let our cold brew for the cafes steep for 72 hours. Check out the detailed instructions below!


  1. Put your ground coffee in a large pot or container (glass or plastic is best), then slowly add about 2 cups of water. Using a spoon or spatula, gently move the coffee grounds around until they are all saturated with water. Then gently pour in the rest of your water and cover. If the ambient temperature is relatively cool (under 70 F), you can keep it out on the kitchen counter for a minimum of 18 hours, or up to 72 hours. Otherwise, refrigerate for the same amount of time.
  2. When you’re done steeping, you’ll need to let it strain*. You can use cheese cloth nestled into a regular kitchen sieve or strainer and let the coffee drip out into a pitcher.
  3. *You can also use a coffee sock or similar. Same directions apply. Be sure to let your coffee sock drip out for a while to get all the coffee goodness!
  4. You can add water to the whole batch if it’s too strong, or you can add milk or water to each glass as you go.