Brew Guide

Drip/Pour Over

Tips for improving your home drip brews.


  • Brew Time

    3-5 mins

  • Ratio


  • Requirements

    (1) Your drip coffee maker with filters
    (2) The pour over device of your choice (we love the Kalita Wave) plus:
    filters, scale, kettle, grinder or pre-ground coffee

  • Recipe

    Check out detailed instructions below.

Pour Over Ratios and Directions:
21g coffee:300g water for a small (~8oz)
32g coffee:455g water for a large (~16oz)

The golden ratio you’ll see frequently is 1:14 (coffee:water in grams/ml). We always use this ratio as a starting point, with a medium grind, and then go from there.

Step 1: Get your water to 195-205 F. Weigh and grind your beans.
Step 2: Pre-heat your mug and pre-wet your filter (at the same time!). This is a super important step as it will keep your coffee hotter longer (pre-heat), and it will remove any paper-y taste from your filter (pre-wet).
Step 3: Empty out your mug or pitcher (dump out the pre-heat water). Add your ground beans to the filter. Tare your scale.
Step 4: Bloom the coffee: add about 30-50g of hot water slowly to your grounds. The idea is to get full coverage here– every bit of coffee should get slightly saturated. Let the coffee bloom for around 30 seconds or so (if you like, you can use a timer).
Step 5: Pour. You’ll want to slowly add water and stop, then add water and stop. Your goal is to keep a relatively stable “brew bed” so that you always have around the same amount of water in the filter at a given time.* Keep an eye on your scale, as you won’t want to exceed your water amount.
Step 6: Wait until all water has dripped out, then give your coffee a swirl and you’re ready to enjoy!

*We don’t typically use timers and exact doses when doing pour overs. If you’d like more precise instructions, feel free to reach out!


Fun fact: the challenge with many home drip coffee makers is that they don’t actually get the water hot enough (optimal extraction for coffee is 195-205 F).

Coffee is too weak

  • Try a slightly finer grind
  • Try adding more coffee
  • If you buy your coffee pre-ground (or you are grinding in batches), you might consider grinding less at a time. When you grind coffee, you’re helping the coffee to literally break down faster, releasing a lot of the compounds that make coffee taste so great.

Coffee just isn’t tasting right

  • Clean your coffee brewer! Sometimes all it needs is a brew cycle with only water. You can use other products as well, be sure to flush with water after.
  • If you have a hopper where your beans sit for a while, make sure you clean that as well. Rinse with hot water, and dry thoroughly before reassembling.