Finca Santa Tomas Perdido, Atitlan, Guatemala

Cherry, Cinnamon, Milk Chocolate

From: $16.75

Owned by the Torrebiarte family, the farm is run by the third generation, Javier Torrebiarte. After studying in the US and London, he returned to Guatemala with an agricultural degree to run the family farm. He is now managing all daily operations, which has over 125 full time employees! Aside from the excellent cup, an interesting fact about the farm is that it is located on the river Santa Teresa, which allows them to produce hydroelectric power. The farm is able to produce up to two megawatts of electricity per hour, enabling them to be self-sufficient and sometimes selling surplus energy back to the national grid.

  • Process: washed
  • Altitude: 950-1,600 meters
  • Drying: patio
  • Varietals: caturra



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