Brew Guide


Under pressure!


  • Brew Time

    +/- 30s

  • Ratio


  • Requirements

    Espresso Machine
    Espresso Grinder
    Shot glass

  • Recipe

    Remember that in an espresso machine, each shot can vary greatly. Check out the tips and instructions below!


  • At 18:60, we use a starting time of around 30 seconds, while keeping in mind other factors like when the coffee was roasted, humidity, etc. The time can be closer to 25 seconds or even up to 45 seconds.
  • The big key is consistency: ideally you can pull shots back-to-back and they will be similar in length without much variation.
  • Be sure to keep your portafilter clean!
  • You’ll need a consistent grind size. We frequently recommend to customers who don’t have a great espresso grinder at home to have us grind it fine for them. If you’re able to use it within a week or so, the consistency of the grind will become more important than the freshness of the coffee.