Brew Guide

French Press

An old favorite.


  • Brew Time

    ~5 min

  • Ratio

    56 g coffee : 950ml water

  • Requirements

    French Press
    Coffee Grinder

  • Recipe

    This is another brewing method that can easily be tailored to your personal taste. Check out our instructions and tips below!

Step 1: Add your coarse ground coffee to your French Press.

Step 2: Add in just enough water (195-205 F) to cover the coffee, and stir gently with a spoon to evenly wet all the grounds.

Step 3: Pour in the rest of your water and carefully place the lid on. Set a timer for 5 minutes (we like to start here, then adjust).

Step 4: Slowly and carefully press down on the plunger.

Step 5: Serve! We recommend, if possible, pouring all the coffee out into another container to prevent the rest of your coffee from over steeping.

Step 6: Clean your French Press thoroughly after each use. Coffee oils can build up quickly and lead to unwanted flavors.