Reserva Guama Danta, Comayagua, Honduras

Apple, Baking Spices, Nougat

From: $16.00

Comayagua is one of the most diverse and productive of Honduras’ growing regions: almost every micro-climate can be found here, which helps create nuanced and complex cups. This is a fully washed coffee that really shows off the skill of the producers with notes of apple, baking spices, and nougat in the cup. The body isn’t too heavy; the slight acidic bite of the apple gets mellowed out by the nougat, and the hints of baking spices, like anise and cinnamon, come through at the end. As this coffee cools, the nougat really pushes into the forefront and creates an almost caramel-like experience!

  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1,200-1,459 meters
  • Drying: patio
  • Varietals: caturra, catuai, lempiras, IHCAFE90



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