Beginner Box


The Beginner Box includes:

  • Coffee Sampler (3- 6 oz bags)

  • Escali scale

  • Kalita filters

  • Kalita brewer

If you know someone who loves coffee and is just starting to dip their toes into home brewing methods, look no further! This package includes our Coffee Sampler, a scale, and pour-over brewer with filters.

The Coffee Sampler contains three 6-oz bags of any of our coffees (randomly picked, unless you make a request in the comments section of your order).

The equipment included here are our go-to recommendations for anyone brewing at home. (In fact, it’s what we use at home!)

The Escali scale comes in dark grey and is super easy to use. No cords, just batteries (included); it weighs in grams, ounces, and pounds.

The Kalita brewer is glass and sits directly on top of your mug or serving pitcher (not included). It’s a classic brewing method that yields a delicious, medium-bodied cup. A set of 100 paper filters are included. Note that this brewer requires these specific matching filters.

Gift wrap included. Festive orange and blue tissue and ribbons in a brown paper bag for pick-up; festive orange tissue and blue shred in a white shipping box for shipments.



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